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If you are new to the world of gambling, or you're just new to playing pokies then starting out with free pokies is your best option.

It will allow you to learn the basics of the game and make plenty of mistakes without losing a penny. Unless you have money to burn, it would be foolish to go straight to paid pokies as you'll end up losing a lot of money through amateur mistakes.

There are plenty of websites that offer free to play pokies, but you still need to take time to decide which site is the best for you before committing to just one site.

Get Searching

The first thing you need to do is find out about all the major sites that offer free pokies. The best way to do this is to use a search engine like Google and simply search for 'free pokies', you should also visit gambling forums and see what sites people are recommending.

Every time you find a site that you like the look of, put the URL into a text document, don't stop looking for sites until you've found at least five. The more sites you have to pick from, the better.
Look At User Reviews

Once you've found a few sites, before you even think about having a go on the free or paid aussie pokie machines, look at some reviews first. Look at as many different sites as possible so you can get a well rounded view from users.

Even though it is illegal, some gambling sites actually pose as real users of other websites and forums to spread positive comments about their own site, so make sure you only read reviews from long serving, trusted members of forums and sites. You don't want to end up using a free pokies site based on reviews that are actually completely fake.

Based on the reviews, you should now be able to narrow down your list of sites to a few sites that have received great reviews from a varied range of reputable users and sites.

Try A Few Out

Now it's time to actually get stuck into a few sites and play some free pokies. Each site has its own learning curve, so be patient and allow yourself the time to get used to each site. It is perfectly normal to get frustrated with a new site at first, just try to be as patient as possible.

It is important that you keep an open mind when you try out sites, even though reviews will give you a fairly accurate reading of each site, you can't use them alone to judge a site, this is why you should also experience the best reviewed sites before making a final decision.

Don't just try the sites once, try them a few times spread out across days and weeks. You will find that you prefer other sites as you get more experienced with free pokies, so don't stick to the same site, keep trying other sites even if you didn't like using them in the past.

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